An Internationally published photographer in pursuit of Art, as I always say " A person without a goal is a lost person" I have always had goals in my life and worked towards them.

My Journey of photography started since I have encountered digital platforms I have been interested in photos since childhood even tho I didn't have the possibility to find in me the pearl (photography) that Is now I have I did what I could at that time to enjoy photos and other creatives arts. 

My first ever camera was a half-broken Zenit camera that I managed to find and rescue from the hands of my uncle it wasn't in pain or anything simply left in an old bag collecting dust and getting old I did try to squeeze some life out of it and generate some glamourous colourful film photos but it was too late it had already drained from life.

Now I try my best to become a full professional photographer even tho it is only a hobby but I like to complete everything I do to a high standard I have not forgotten old Zenit it lives in my heart.  

Portrait, Fashion, Beauty photographer



 Internationally Published Photographer 

Amazing Portrait Photographer 


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